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  2. Help With Exam
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  4. Fast Track VS. Traditional
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  1. About Traditional
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  3. Transfer Credits
  4. Help Traditional
  5. Home School

About Other Services 

  1. Other Services
  2. About Resumé Builder by ROCCS
  3. About ATB College Prep
  4. About Test Prep SAT, ACT, GED, State Exit Exams, etc
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Glossary Of Terms 





1. About Us
Franklin Virtual Schools(FVS) and Franklin Virtual High School(FVHS) are registered trade names of ESP Learning Systems, LLC.  As a part of ESP Learning Systems we offer online programs to students seeking online educational options and services.

Vision and Mission

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2. Contact Us
Our Contact Options:
Online Chat:  Quickest Response
Email:             Medium Response
Contact Us :   Slowest Response time (888) 990-FVHS (24 Hours)

We are Closed Evenings, Weekends and Holidays. 

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3. Address
Please visit our About Us page for detailed information.
ESP Learning / Franklin Virtual High School
545 E. Tennessee St Tallahassee, FL 32301

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4. Accreditation
FVHS is accredited by Advanc-Ed the parent organization for SACS, NCA, and NWAC.
We are also a BBB Accredited business with an A+ Rating.
Our school code is #5466.  
Our CEEB number is 102457.

Warning: Make sure the school is using real accreditation.  Visit for details. 

5. Credentials
FVHS is accredited by Advanc-Ed the parent organization for SACS, NCA, and NWAC.
We are also a BBB Accredited business with an A+ Rating.
Our school code is #5466.  
Our CEEB number is 102457.
Please review our Credentials page for further details. 

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6. Cost 
Please visit our Pricing page for the most up to date information about the program you are interested in.  We accept all major credit cards for payment.  Pre-paid credit cards are available from any grocery store.

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7. Brochures
Please visit our Brochures page for program information suitable for printing at home.

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8. Proctor
A Proctor is someone that is assigned to monitor a student during the testing process. 
Please review the Proctor page for more information.

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9. Espanol
Lo sentimos, no en este momento. Por favor, vuelva con nosotros en el futuro.

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10. Enrollment
Simply find the program you are interested in from the top navigation menu, and click the register button on that page.

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11. Payment(s)
You will be prompted to make payment after you register.  We accept all major credit cards as our only payment method.

* HSE students have a one time fee only
* All other programs have recurring fees and can be canceled at any time (however you will be locked out of school if payment is canceled.    

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12. Receipt(s)
While in your account, there is a tab called “Purchases”.
Click on that tab, and next to each order is a “track my package” link and also an option to print a copy of your receipt.

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13. Score(s)
All scores are accessible within your account.  
You can easily track your progress and we will monitor your progress and contact you if there are any issues.

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14. Transcript(s)
An Employer or School should visit the “Registrar” page, which is accessible from the home page top menu.

There are 3 options for Verifications:

A) Online Verification         (Unofficial Copy)
B) Fax Verification             (OFFICIAL COPY)
C) Mail Verification             (OFFICIAL COPY $29)

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15. Shipping
Processing paperwork typically takes 1-2 business days, thereafter all mail correspondence is sent by USPS 2 day mail. You can locate your tracking information by logging into your account and locating the "Purchases" tab.

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16. Login Problems
If you can’t remember your password, click the “HELP! I lost my password!”link under the login area.

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17. Student Store
Our student store is undergoing remodeling. Look for our announcement when we reopen for service.

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18. Refunds
Please check our refund policy on the Guarantee Page for specifics as we have several program and products.

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19. Computer Requirements
You can test your computer to see if all required components are installed correctly, by visiting this link

Web Browser:
Internet Explorer 9 or Mozilla Firefox.
We strive to have Chrome and Safari access, but cannot guarantee their functionality will work for all features.

For Classrooms: *****DSL Internet access or FASTER****
Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, or Mac OS? X 10.4.8+
Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 or Mozilla Firefox are required (Other browsers are not supported)
PC min 1.5 GHz -or- Power Mac G4 1.5 GHz - 512 MB RAM - 100 MB for browser cache
800 x 600 resolution - 16-bit color - 128 MB graphics card (Mac) - OS supported sound card
Adobe Flash Player 10 - Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 - Adobe Shockwave Player 10

Apple QuickTime Player 7 - Java TM Virtual Machine 1.4.2. 

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20. Medical Schools or Military
Military:   You may have to take our full time diploma program classes (See Traditional this page). A GED or post high school diploma (receiving a diploma after dropping out of HS the first time) today is seldom accepted by the military (check with your local recruiter to confirm the following): Recruiters assign a Tier 1-3 Status Code to all candidates. The military focus is to confirm that eligible candidates demonstrate the ability to adhere to a a high school program schedule (and not drop out) (see Tier 3 bullet #1 below).
Tier 1: “High School Graduate” 95% of enlistments: 1) Any traditional brick and mortar high school. 2) Home school - PLUS 50% or higher on ASVAB test 3) GED - PLUS 15 college credit hours (level 100 classes) or Prior Enlistment 4) HSED - PLUS 15 college credit hours (level 100 classes) or Prior Enlistment 5) Charter - PLUS 15 college credit hours (level 100 classes) 6) Online - PLUS 15 college credit hours (level 100 classes)
Tier 2: “Alternative Credit Holder” 0%-5% of all enlistments: 1) 10th Grade - Completed traditional High School at 10th grade level 2) GED 3) Fast Track Certificates 4) Charter School 5) Online School 6) Alternative/Continuing Education 7) Correspondence School 8) Vocational School
Tier 3: “None High School Graduate” Candidate must have ASVAB scores above 50 QT and 90 GT PLUS NO moral/drug charges. 1) Grade Completed - attended school for entire year irrelevant of graduation 2) Mid-Year - Mid-year graduates may enlist in 11th grade if recognized as seniors by their high school 3) Foreign High School Additionally: No tattoos or felony charges. Minimal use of Marijuana accepted. 

Medical:   Students who plan to pursue a professional medical occupation (doctor, nurse or paramedic) will typically need to complete a Traditional high school curriculum program instead of our Fast Track or even the GED.  Please consider the fact that you would be responsible for someone else's life.  As such for major medical programs students are typically REQUIRED to earn a full HS diploma.

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21. About Fast Track
Our Fast Track Program is composed of 250 timed questions, 50 for each test section in:
Social Studies: History/Economics/Geography/Civics/Government
Science: Life Science/Physical Science/Earth/Space Science
Mathematics: Measurement/Geometry/Algebra/Numbers/Operands/Data Analysis
Language Arts Literacy: Comprehension
Language Arts Writing: Sentence structure/Organization/Usage/Mechanics
Essay : Standard 5 paragraph essay structure

Retests are permitted, however all retests are completely different tests.

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22. Help With Exam
You can retake the tests as often as needed. HOWEVER keep in mind each test is different, so retaking a test doesn't allow you to remember answers since you will receive a whole new set of test questions. 

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23. Test Length
That is entirely up to you.  If you know the material, you can get through the test in a few hours. If it is challenging and you have to retest, it could be a considerably longer process.  You can review an example Here.

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24. Fast Track VS. Traditional
You have two options to graduate:

1) Complete the rigurous online exam and earn a graduation certificate.  Like the GED (General Equivalency Development) it is not a diploma but a certificate, demonstrating you have successfully completed high school. You can review details here

2) Enroll in classes and make up those classes you missed or failed to earn a full diploma. According to the major regional accreditors, no school can issue a DIPLOMA unless the student is enrolled in and has completed actual CLASSES. Our classrooms are entirely online, and you can review our program details here.

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25. Fast Track VS. GED
The GED is actually a trademarked name, and you cannot earn a "GED" online.

An alternative to a GED certificate is the HSE Certificate which we offer at FVHS. It is similar to a GED in that it too is a graduation certificate (not a diploma), however you can take it through our online proctored school comfortably from your home.

We offer 3 choices for you to graduate:
1) FVHS Diploma = take online classes (1 or more semesters) to earn a DIPLOMA
2) FVHS Fast Track = take online exam to earn a CERTIFICATE
3) FVHS GED Prep = Take classes here to prepare for your local GED program

The Fast Track certificate is recognized by colleges and employers as demonstrating that you completed high school. In accordance with our accreditor, this program is a certificate and not a diploma.  Accreditors do not allow a "diploma" to be issued by taking an exam.  Keep in mind even the GED is not a diploma (GED stands for General Equivalency Development).
For more comparisons click here

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26. About Traditional
You can watch a video here for a quick tour.  

We have several options for Traditional High School Students:

A) Incoming Freshman - Choose our Career or College emphasis curriculum (100% Online).
B) Transferring Students - Simple registration and transfer process, and graduate from FVHS.
C) Home Schooling - Online courses at your own pace, to earn your FVHS diploma.
D) Independent Study - Accelerate your education or take concurrent classes.
E) Recovery Classes - Select any FVHS needed class to recover and graduate “on time.”
F) Assessment Tests - Interactive ACT/SAT learning at a fraction of the cost of other programs.
G) Graduate Fast! - Join our age 18+ students reaching a long awaited education or employment goal!

A single semester is aprox 60 hours. A full year requires about 120-150 hours. This is a combination of online videos and exams, as well as online lab work. All reading material is online as well and thus no books are required. Simply login and begin. And don’t worry; if you fall behind, a live homeroom teacher will be there to assist you along the way.


27. Curriculum
Career Prep Diploma Program The majority of our students are looking to complete a high school program to enable them to enter the job market, the military, a vocational/trade school or community college. Completing this program will give you exactly what you need to help you meet your goals in the most direct way possible. This program’s curriculum is designed to enable you to pass a state (home school) or standard assessment test such as the FCAT (SAT, ACT) and deliver a FVHS High School Diploma in the shortest possible time!

College Prep Diploma Program Many of our students plan on attending a major university or “Ivy League” school. Completing this program will position you to meet all requirements for acceptance. The curriculum for this program will prepare you to take the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PLAN or ACT tests as you receive your FVHS High School Diploma! You will be in good company as nearly 27% of the Stanford freshmen class in 2009 completed “alternative high school programs”.

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28. Transfers Credits
We accept any credits for non home school grades 9-12th grade. However to graduate from the FVHS program, you would need to transfer in before the 12th grade. Any classes after 11th grade may enable you to finish school with FVHS, and still earn the diploma from your original high school. You will need to provide a transcript request authorization, which is available from within your accounts Resources pages. Generally, FVHS accepts home school credits through the first semester of Grade 10; any home school credits from second semester Grade 10 or beyond will not be accepted. Parents/students can present extenuating circumstances to the FVHS Academic Director for review.back to top

29. Help Traditional
We will monitor your progress at all times and make sure you are on task, and will check in with you from time to time to ensure you are ok. If you need additional assistance, simply click the Contact us link and let us know what the issue is.

30. Home School
Take the work out of homeschooling by yourself.  Enroll with FVHS and earn an accredited diploma recognized acceptance everywhere.  Visit here for more info.

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31. Other Services
We also offer:

Franklin Virtual High School High School Courses
Resumé Builder by ROCCS 
ATB College Entrance ATB Prep
Test Prep247 Test Prep courses
FACE Adult Continuing Education Coming Soon
Job Placement Coming Soon
Credit Repair Coming Soon

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32. About Resumé Builder by ROCCS
We offer a robust resumé builder tool to all graduates of the FVHS programs. Access it for free after you complete your program, and we dynamically fill in your school information, and then help you generate your employment history and assessment skills for you.  For more details please visit ROCCS.  ROCCS is an acronym for: Responsiblity, Organization, Collaboration, Communication, and Success.  These are key areas employers are reviewing when interviewing potential employees. 

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33. About ATB Prep
Most community colleges (and many other vocational and private schools) require new students to complete an assessment test to ensure they are ready for college level classes. This assessment test, often called an “Ability To Benefit” test (or ATB) is required for all students that have been out of school for more than a year. However most people are caught off guard and not ready for this test, and thus it may not be an adequate representation of your skills. Brush up on your skills first with our ATB PREP (Free to all graduates) to ensure you aren’t stuck taking an expensive college class that isn’t suitable for your needs.

34. About Test Prep - SAT, ACT, GED, State Exit Exams, etc

We offer a full set of pre-grad and post-grad testing preparation services. Visit our programs link at the top of our main site for details, or find additional test prep courses at the Test Prep website today for complete details.

35. Glossary of Terms

ACT              - American College Testing - College admissions exam
ADVANC-ED  - Parent organization for SACS, NWAC and NCA
ASVAB          - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery - Military Entrance Exam
ATB              - Ability To Benefit - College entrance exam
Blog              - A web page to share information
BBB               - Better Business Bureau - Organization to mediate business customer relations
GED              - General Equivalency Development Exam - administered by 
FAQ              - Frequently Asked Questions
Fast Track     - A rigourious online exam process to satisfy graduation competency 
PROCTOR      - An individual that monitors a test taker
NCA              - North Central Association Commission on Accreditation - Accreditor
NWAC           - Northwest Accreditation Commission - Accreditor
TPS               - Test Prep Solutions - full 24/7 access to testing 
ROCCS           - Our resumeé building tool.  ROCCS = Responsiblity, Organization, COllaboration, Communication, Success
SACS             - Southern Association of Colleges and Schools - Accreditor
SAT               - Scholastic Aptitude Test - College admissions exam
Traditional     - Traditional High School.  Meaning classrooms (albeit online)


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